Loften HITT students tour to Alachua Academy

Mar 28, 2013

On March 13, 2013 a class of Loften High School HITT students toured to the Alachua Academy. This is a live-in facility for low- to moderate-risk girls ages 12-18 in the Department of Juvenile Justice. The Loften students had the opportunity to hear stories from the girls prior to their tour there and took those stories to create scenes on them. The story the HITT group focused on was one girls experience with drugs, how she got into trouble, and how she eventually ended up in the Alachua Academy facility. The scene focused on restorative justice, and showed how, with hard work and retribution; the individual can reach her potential. Afterwards, the scene was presented as a Forum, where the Alachua Academy girls were encouraged to participate and give alternative responses to the situations presented. It was an amazing opportunity for both the Loften HITT class  and the Alachua Academy girls to learn from each other.

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