Eastside HITT tours to Hoggetowne Middle School

Mar 29, 2013

The Eastside High School HITT class worked incredibly hard for three weeks to put together a performance for Hoggetowne Middle School on March 14, 2013. The students created a series of scenes to show the effects of alcohol use, from physical and emotional to legal. Each group of students created a 3-part scene, the first part showing a group of people getting ready for a party, the second part showing them at the party, and the third part showing what happened after the party. The scenes were then pieced together by students and HITT instructors to create a short play. First, every beginning scene was shown, then everyone arrived at the same party and the middle scenes were shown. Finally, someone called the cops and the closing scenes were shown. HITT students shared the physical effects of drinking alcohol (alcohol poisoning, lack of inhibitions, binge drinking, puking, passing out, etc.), effects of driving (slowed reaction time, distracted, vehicle crashes, etc.) and the legal effects of under age drinking and driving while under the influence (fines, jail time, DUIs, interlock devices on cars, etc.). The 20 minute piece was packed full of information for the Hoggetowne students. The most important message that the Eastside students wanted to deliver was that of being safe and making smart decisions, especially since the tour happened right before spring break.

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