Loften Students tour to Duval Elementary

Mar 12, 2013

On March 12th, 2013, one of our Loften HITT classes had the opportunity to tour to Duval Elementary School. The HITT class prepared a series of games, a scene, and discussion questions to teach the fourth and fifth grade students at Duval about communication skills. The HITT class began the tour with a little guriella theatre piece where some students were interrupting the student who was giving the introduction. A planned, verbal, fight/argument broke out and built for a little bit until everyone was told to freeze. The piece quickly grabbed the audience’s attention as they thought the Loften students were actually fighting. After the Loften HITT class lead a quick discussion about what just happened everyone joined in on some games that focused on non-verbal communication.

Once the games concluded, the Loften students presented a scene about communication and bullying. The messages of the scene were: A) Don’t spread rumors, B) nothing is accomplished when everyone speaks at once, C) if you are closed off to communication with your body language or your attitude you will not solve a problem, and D) if you have a problem with someone it might be best to go speak with that person directly.

The HITT class had a wonderful tour and were able to successfully pass on the information about communication and bullying.


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