2nd Annual Community Voices

Apr 23, 2012

On April 23rd, The Hippodrome Theatre hosted the second annual Community Voices public theatre event.  This year’s theme was Monologues on Change.  Residents of Gainesville and surrounding communities explored the idea of global, local or personal change through monologues.

Hippodrome actors and HITT (Hippodrome Improvisational Teen Theatre) students performed selected monologues written by your friends and neighbors at this free event.

The Official Selections included:

“Letter to the Pioneers”
Written by Nicole Cunningham
Performed by Ryan George

Written by Connor Werner
Performed by Filipe Valle Costa

“Don’t roll your eyes at me!”
Written by Brittany Toms
Performed by Anaiss Morris

“The Way”
Written by Kaitlyn Maddux
Performed by Sarah Kell

“Good Riddance”
Written by Kathryn Yachnis
Performed by Sandy Goetten

Written by Warren Parkin
Performed by Mark Woollett

“Living with Dying”
Written by Kal Rosenberg
Performed by Matt Lindsay

“State of Brotherly Love”
Written by Jameson Koenigsman
Performed by Adam Jalali

“Readin’ Raymond”
Written by Evans K. Newton
Performed by Ryan Glidewell

“Going Home”
Written by Susan Rowan Masters
Performed by Alaina Manchester

Written by Holly Hofer
Performed by Katie Delvaux

“Cat Lady”
Written by Art Crummer
Performed by Nicholas Hrutkay

“The Objector”
Written by Celena Dong
Performed by Lizzy Snow

“Black Hole”
Written by Candace Clift
Performed by Alaina Manchester

“Change to Believe In”
Written by Michael P. Allard
Performed by Matt Lindsay

After the Mainstage performance, audience members were invited downstairs to the community action fair and light reception courtesy of Willy Mexicana Grill.

Thank you to the following organizations for participating in the community action fair:

Alachua County Victim Services & Rape Crisis Center
Blue Oven Kitchens
Buy Local North Central Florida
CDS Family and Behavioral Health Services
The Fine Print
Florida Defenders of the Environment
Hogtown Homegrown
Meridian Behavioral Healthcare
Old Florida Heritage Highway (Scenic Byway)
PIPSA – Partners in Prevention of Substance Abuse
Rural Women’s Health Project

For more information, please visit: http://thehipp.org/education/community-voices

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