HITT Performs at PIPSA Town Hall Meeting

Mar 29, 2012

HITT students from Loften High School performed a scene about prescription pill abuse for more than 250 adult and youth attendees at the PIPSA (Partners in Prevention of Substance Abuse) Annual Town Hall meeting.  The scene was created and rehearsed in preparation for the event by the students centering the story around two friends who look through a scrapbook from a past road trip where the two abused pills with friends.  As the story develops the two look back on their poor actions and discover how reckless their behavior was.

After the performance, HITT students and instructors led a break-out session for about 100 youth playing a multiple choice question game focusing on alcohol abuse.  Once this portion of the evening ended, all of the Town Hall attendees reconvened in the auditorium for a round-table questionnaire from Alachua County officials and experts about drug abuse and its consequences. 

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