Loften & Job Corps Students Create Together

Nov 8, 2011

Loften High HITT teens led a ‘Preview of HITT’ workshop for Job Corps students interested in theatre.  The two groups of teens shared a bit of their lives with each other, offering ideas and experiences throughout several ice-breaker and topic oriented theatre games and exercises. 

 This was a high energy and collaborative workshop in which Job Corps students and Loften HITT students ended up working side by side ‘on stage’ to improv short scenes about various issues that quickly came to mind.   The teens listened and often laughed with each other as they rapidly explored such topics as drug use, getting expelled from school, money, dating and even school lunch.  

 Both groups would like to work together again, the Job Corps participants would like to delve further into theatre, HITT-style, and Loften HITT students proved that they are great ambassadors for their program and theatre in general. 


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