PK Yonge and Loften Visit the Hippodrome

May 24, 2012
On Thursday the 24th students from Loften High School came to the Hippodrome to present scenes on marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs to the Loften 9th Grade Academy. The day began with the Loften HITT students leading the Loften 9th Grade Academy in some games to help everyone get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other. Then the Loften HITT Class shared their scenes on marijuana, alcohol, and prescription drugs. The Loften HITT class then worked with the Loften 9th Grade Academy to develop freeze frames depicting what might happen to the characters 5 years down the road. Did the girl who started drinking in high school drop out? Stop drinking? Become an alcoholic? Lose her job? Did the boy who was prescribed strong pain killers for an injury become addicted? Sell his pills? Start using other drugs? The group shared their freeze frames with everyone and discussed the consequences of using drugs. Then the group had a tour of the Hippodrome Theatre, learning all about its history and what goes on behind the scenes at a theatre. During lunch the PK Yonge HITT class joined the group. The Loften students were very welcoming to PK Yonge and made them feel very comfortable. After lunch the PK Yonge HITT class shared their scenes about tobacco use including cigarettes and chew and the harmful affects they have on the body. All three classes had a wonderful time, were very involved, and very respectful of each other.
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