World Aids Day and HITT

Dec 1, 2011

On December 1st, a group of HITT teens from Loften High School presented four scenes for the World Aids Day Luncheon at MEridian Behavioral Healthcare.  The class was asked to present some scenes for the luncheon in place of a keynote speaker.

The class presented four short stories in the form of “Storybook Theatre” where there was one narrator per scene while the rest of the group acted out the story. The stories were adapted from personal accounts found online and were made into a pop-up children’s book, an autobiography, choose your own adventure book, and comic book.

The students were highly successful and captured the audience’s attention for their entire presentation. Everyone in attendance really appreciated the class’s message, hard work and inspiration.

Additionally, the class decided to take up donations for the TREE program (The Replacement of Everyday Essentials) which is a program with the Gainesville Area AIDS Project (GAAP). 

The class created posters to hang around the school encouraging fellow students to bring in donations for the project. The class, along with their school, donated two full Rubbermaid totes and more of bleach, toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and more. 

The personal stories adapted for the storybook theatre project were found on the following sites: , , 

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