Cancer! Heart disease! Emphysema! Tobacco causes one in five deaths and millions of illnesses every year in the US. The following websites will provide you with all the information you need to inform yourselves about the dangers of tobacco use.

This is a news story about how New York City officials are hoping that graphic images on matchbooks will encourage local smokers to quit.

Recent study – casual smokers are more likely to be binge drinkers…

The American Lung Association provides a myriad of information on the harmful effects of tobacco including a fact sheet focused specifically on the repercussions of teen smoking.

A great place to increase you knowledge about the reasons why teens get addicted to cigarettes and the effects tobacco addiction can have on their development. is a fun interactive website that is full of games, videos and articles that help educate teens about the harmful affects of tobacco.

This website offers a well rounded look at tobacco, providing information on everything from the history of tobacco to its chemical breakdown.

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