Tonya’s Stories


My story is not meant to scare anybody but I hope it will change your mind about drugs and sex. I grew up with a single mother. My father was an alcoholic. He hit me, my brothers, and sisters.

When I was 3 my parents got divorced. My mother tried her hardest to raise us but she couldn’t do it so, when I turned 14, I moved down south with my grandma. I hated the south. I started using marijuana and snorting cocaine when the weed got boring. The cocaine gave me so much energy and it made my think that my sex life so much better. I figured I would never get addicted. I was an A student before I started using but after 2 weeks I dropped out of school all together.

When I was high the parties were fun, the sex was good but when I came down it was all clearer to me. I was an addict. I was so ugly my skin was dirty.My eyes were always bloodshot When I turned 16, I got pregnant by another addict. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until my 4 month so I continued to use. When I finally went to the clinic, I found out I was pregnant, that I was HIV positive and that I had herpies. When I told my boyfriend he was high. He hit me and said it wasn’t his. I told him he was the only one I slept with. He took me for a ride to a place full of trees. He left me in the middle of nowhere. I cried and yelled for help but no one came. I started walking. A car finally stopped and picked me up. I was so tired

I must have fainted, when I woke up I found myself in the emergency room. They told me I had a really serious case of herpies and my HIV virus was turning into full-blown AIDS. I stayed in that hospital for 6 months. When I got out I was put in a drug rehabilitation program for addicted mothers. They never did find my boyfriend, he just disappeared. I had my baby girl. She was luckier than I was. She was born healthy. That is my story.

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