January 2009

Union County to Glass Menagerie performance

On January 29, 2009, our Union County Correctional HITT Students came to watch an evening performance of The Glass Menagerie on the Hippodrome Theater main stage. This event was made possible thru funding from the Access to the Arts grant, which provides access to shows for underserved children in the community. The Glass Menagerie cast stayed after the show and held a talk back question and answer session with the HITT students.

Eastside High School

Dr. Paul Doering from University of Florida, College of Pharmacy, came to talk to the Eastside students about drugs through an informal question and answer information session. The Eastside HITT students have recently completed a two week lesson on drugs and alcohol and the visit by Dr. Doering marked the culmination of this unit.

Above: Dr. Doering speaks to Eastside HITT students in the Eastside Auditorium on January 27, 2009

The Hoggetowne Middle School HITT Tours Bullying Workshop to Waldo Community School

On Tuesday, January 13, 2009, the Hoggetowne Middle School?s H.I.T.T. team traveled to Waldo, Florida, and led an improv theatre workshop and performance on bullying. Held in the historic auditorium, Waldo Community School?s entire third grade attended and participated in the bullying workshop. During the workshop, the Hoggetowne H.I.T.T. team taught the third graders new games, showcased scenes written and performed by the team, and led an open discussion of the topic of bullying. Several Waldo students shared stories about their own personal experiences with bullies and offered suggestions for anyone targeted by bullies. Interestingly, several members of the Hoggetowne H.I.T.T. team are actual alumnae from the Waldo school, and they offered advice to the third graders on having success in school

In addition to writing and performing the scenes, the Hoggetowne H.I.T.T. team offered the following suggestions for any one who is dealing with a bully:
A) Tell an adult
B) Befriend the target (the victim of the bully)
C) Refuse to watch or participate in the bullying ? it?s really not cool

Check out some more photos from the event!

Dove Self-Esteem Fund

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