March 2009

Pixilation workshop held at Loften High School

On March 17, 2009, Loften High School HITT Class participated in a Pixilation workshop ran by Karin Gunn. The students created a short pixilation film about littering to be shown to audiences at the HITT Jam on April 2, 2009. The students created the script and were able to learn the process of film making and pixilation.

Check out the pictures of the class!

All Girls After School HITT Jam - Gallery Added

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HITT Students attended Eurydice at the Hippodrome Theater

March 18, 2009, 10 HITT students attended a performance of Eurydice at the Hippodrome Theater and were also privileged to attend a talk back with the cast after the show. These tickets were made available through the Access to the Arts grant.

Service Learning HITT Jam April 2, 2009

Students from several HITT classes will be joining together for a Service Learning HITT Jam at the Hippodrome Theater. Scenes, pixilations, and projects will be presented. Check back for more information soon!

New Video: Close To Home

Click here to see a CBS production of Close to Home on the HITT Program.

All Girls After School HITT Jam

On March 9, 2009 at 4:30 pm, the Hippodrome Improvisational Teen Theater held their first ever All Girls After School HITT Jam on the Hippodrome Mainstage. Participants came from The Girls Place Inc. and Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County and ranged in ages from 7-15 years old. The students performed dances and scenes on topics of Health and Nutrition, Peer Pressure, Self-Respect, Abuse, and Sexual Education. Among the distinguished guests who were in attendance were DCF?s Bill St. Amour, former HITT Teachers, former Girls Place Inc. teachers, and HITT Students from other sites along with their parents and Hippodrome employees. ?Since this was our first ever after school HITT Jam, we wanted to reach as many people as possible with our message. I was overwhelmed with the amount of guests who showed up to support the students,? says HITT Teacher Sarah Swanson.

The over all goal of the HITT Jam was to include the peer-education component of HITT. Due to the nature of after-school programming, the HITT team is not always able to tour. ?We didn?t know what to expect holding an After School HITT Jam. We thought that we would be lucky if 30 of our students showed up, but in the end we had close to 45 students in attendance and performing,? says Theatre Specialist Kara Winslow. The students enjoyed watching, learning, and performing for the first time. ?It was great looking at how excited they were to be doing this for the first time. Our young students, who normally run around, sat so calmly watching their peers performing. They were all so supportive of each other,? says Winslow. They reported being nervous, but very excited to share their stories and scenes that they had been working on for months.

In the future, the HITT Team would like to hold more after-school functions. The HITT Team is constantly working to reach more students and be able to facilitate peer-education experiences.

This was also the first time that students have participated in movement and dance with HITT. They were able to perform their dances and movement pieces at the HITT Jam. ?The HITT Team is constantly working on expanding their program to increase the opportunities for students to benefit from the arts?, says Swanson. ?Sometimes you have to reach out to students in another form or in another physical language. Dance was the language I felt we would best be able to reach the younger students in HITT.?

Over all the HITT Jam was viewed as a success from staff and students alike. Look for more adventures to come in the future for the After School programming of HITT.