April 2009

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Earth Day at Hoggetowne
Hoggetowne Capoeria at 5th Avenue Arts Festival

Earth Day Celebration

Gainesville, FL - The Hippodrome Theatre?s educational program Hippodrome Improvisational Teen Theatre (HITT) and Neutral Gator announce an Earth Day celebration and tree planting at Hoggetowne Middle School Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 8:25 a.m.

Along with local organizations, students and volunteers will be planting four donated trees including two citrus trees, a cherry guava, and a pepper bush. These were purchased through an anonymous donation at Abundant Edible Landscapes. Local volunteer organizations will also be presenting volunteer activities available for the students and the public. There will also be some organic veggie giveaways harvested from the garden.

The tree planting celebration is planned to raise awareness about Hoggetowne Middle Schools? organic gardening initiative and Organic Forest Garden.

Gabrielle Byam, a Prevention Specialist at the Hippodrome Theatre says, "We are grateful to be able to have something to give back to the community during these uncertain times. Accessibility to healthy eating should be a reality for everybody."

For more information, contact: Sarah Swanson | Education Specialist | Hippodrome Theatre | (352) 373-5968

New Gallery: Spring HITT Jam 09

Click here to see lots of pictures from the Spring HITT Jam 09.

Hoggetowne Middle School Organic Garden

On Wednesday March 25, 2009, Hoggetowne Middle School and the HITT Team held their first organic gardening awareness and ?Free Food? tasting day. The HITT students participated by serving up fresh organic snacks to students, parents and teachers as they were exiting the school building. The students served Kale Chips, Gingery Kale Stir fry, raw zucchini spaghetti, and a spring salad mix.

All the organic vegetables were generously donated by local farmers, a special thanks to Mr.Stubbs, and the students who oversee Loften High School?s organic garden and to Greg Blanchard a local organic farmer for sharing his salad greens.

The students also passed out recipe cards for the kale chips and gingery kale stir-fry along with nutritional information on the foods eaten.

In January, Hoggetowne was awarded a ?gift garden?; three raised starter beds and several herb and vegetable starts from the Florida Organic Growers. For the past few months, the students have managed the garden, planting the starts, watering it and tending to weeds. The garden recently yielded enough food to feed several families and teachers.

After learning about Carbon reductions and with the upcoming Earth Hour, the students focused their learning on easy steps that they could do to reduce their own carbon footprint. The idea of organic gardening and reducing meat intake was one of the solutions that were brought up.

Look for more veggie give-away's and more projects in the future. Check out pictures from the day!

New Video: Pixilation at Loften High School

Born and raised in S�o Paulo, Brazil, Karin Gunn has been working for the past four years as an animation and photography teacher at West Port High School in Ocala, Florida. She earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Intermedia and a Master of Arts in Art Education from the University of Florida. In addition to teaching, Karin has worked as a professional photographer, videographer, and animator in several projects in Florida and Mexico. Karin has participated in local, regional, and national professional conferences in order to present her work. All of the work can be seen in the award winning website www.teachanimation.org, created and designed by Karin.

Click here to watch Loften's pixilation PSA on Littering, created in collaboration with Karin Gunn.