May 2009

Voices addition: HITT Students thoughts on touring:

"I thought today?s tour was a big success?I had fun with the kids and it was good to see them act so mature and get involved with the activities.? (to read more quotes from these students, click here)

New Galleries Added (5/21/09):

The Girls at the Boys and Girls Club celebrate their performance the week before and their last day of class with a pizza party.

The middle school girls at Girls Place, Inc. did make overs to learn how to properly use makeup. The makeovers were a fun way for the students to learn that makeup is a way to enhance the beauty that they already have and that it's a tool that all women should be able to know how to work with. They received makeup pamphlets from YBF cosmetics with makeup tips that they could take home to use in the future.

Girls Place Inc. Middle School Girls toured to the younger groups at Girls Place Inc on May 18, 2009. The tour focused on Stranger Danger and Respect/Manners. They presented two scenes, one in Pop-up story book form and the other in parody of Hansel and Gretel, called ?Hannah and Gigi?. The HITT team taught games and asked questions to see how prepared the girls were with their knowledge of Stranger Danger to complete the tour.

Girls Place Inc. 4th and 5th grade HITT Team members toured on May 19, 2009 to Kindergarten through 3rd grade groups at Girls Place Inc. The HITT Team performed scenes based upon topics they thought the younger groups would want to learn about the most. These topics included Peer Pressure, Stealing, and being Open Minded.

Boys and Girls Club Tours to K-Stop: The HITT Class of Boys and Girls Club Middle School girls toured to the Kindergarten and 1st grade group at Boys & Girls Club on May 13, 2009. The HITT group taught games and performed scenes on the topic of Bullying and Sharing.

Loften to Expressions tour: The HITT Class of Loften High School toured to Expressions Learning Art Academy grades 3-5. The tour was focused on the topics of Bullying and Gossip.

Girls Place Fashion Show: Girls Place 2nd and 3rd Grade HITT Movement class participated in the first ever recycled fashion show. Students created their own fashion outfits made completely out of recycled materials (newspaper, flyers, toilet paper, and tape) and then walked the catwalk to show off their designs.