December 2008

New Location

Alachua County Girls and Boys Club: Provides safe places and results-based programs where young people learn, grow, have life changing experiences, and establish ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals that will lead to opportunity, accomplishment and a life as productive, responsible adults.

New Calendar Events

Lofton High School

December 11, 2008 traveling to Eastside High School to perform a class created piece on Stereotypes and participate in a Peer Education session with Eastside Students

Eastside High School

December 11, 2008 hosting Lofton High School as they perform a class created piece on Stereotypes and teaching a Peer Education session.

Alachua Learning Center

December 10, 2008 HITT team members at ALC will be participating in the school's annual EXPO. Special events include a Light Bulb Exchange with Neutral Gators, a blanket, toy, and recyclable goods drive with proceeds benefiting a local homeless shelter, and a donation drive for a local animal shelter. Scenes will also be performed on topics including the environment, homelessness, animal cruelty and bullying.

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